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A Tentipotenti

A Tentipotenti is a multidisciplinary show with live music and a strong environmental message

An ambitious artistic proposal with two actors and a classical music orchestra. The show brings up the ecological issue of plastic residues and their environmental consequences. Nowadays, about 700 species of marine organisms are affected by this kind of pollution. Every year, more than one million birds and more than 100,000 marine mammals die as a result of the plastics that reach the sea.

The new arts company is called Eix Creatiu and its purpose is the creation and production of large format shows and events

The story takes place in a plastics factory, in which the musicians are the workers. The factory keeps producing different plastic elements, which are used to create imaginary worlds and settings, games and interaction elements.

Music is the driving element of the show, with arrangements of movie soundtracks performed live by an orchestra of 14 musicians conducted by Jordi Castellà

The show "A Tentipotenti" was premiered on May 27, 2022 at Les Borges Blanques. Photos by Marc Castellà Bové (


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